Good Kitchen Design

Equipment in a Commercial Kitchen that Meets the Required Standards of Health and Safety

commercial kitchenSome chefs like to have different gadgets, the most important thing is that a good chef should be able to work with the tools that are available at the moment. However, always work with equipment that is designed for a professional kitchen and with companies that provide quality service, for example, Restaurant Supply. Even if the equipment is new or has been used before, generally the equipment in the kitchen can be grouped into:

  • Electrical equipment for cooking, frying and baking
  • Equipment for dish washing
  • Tables for food preparation
  • Freezers, refrigerators, ice machines
  • Drawers, cabinets and shelves to store dishes

What are the Characteristics of Good Kitchen Design?

If your restaurant kitchen has all the following characteristics, then consider it to be a well-designed kitchen.

commercial kitchenErgonomic Kitchen Design: This type of design reduces movements of the kitchen staff. Ergonomic design is one of the most crucial aspects that minimizes the risks related to accidents in the kitchen and also leads to time savings for preparing the meals. Also, unwanted spilling of food is minimized.

Energy Efficiency: The designs of your kitchen directly influence consumption of energy. If you are planning a commercial restaurant kitchen, you should make this factor one of your top priority. For instance, putting the cookers in one location of the kitchen reduces the cost of energy for range hoods.

The Right Size of a Commercial Kitchen: The size of a commercial restaurant kitchen should be proportional to the number of seats in the restaurant or better to say the size of the restaurant. Ideally, different types of restaurant do not have the same needs. However, there is a ratio of the capacity and the size of the kitchen restaurant. What normally happens is that for every seat in the restaurant, there is a need to ensure that there is at least 5 to 6 square feet of kitchen space. For example, a restaurant with 60 seats the kitchen space should be about 300 square feet.

Good Ventilation: It is very difficult to work in a kitchen that does not have good ventilation. The presence of smoke and steam in a commercial restaurant is unacceptable, unhealthy and very dangerous for the employees. Also, it is not good for the customers to leave the restaurant with the smells of food.

Easy to Maintain: Maintaining the kitchen depends on the arrangements of the elements, the material that the kitchen is made and how the cookware have been stored in the kitchen. For instance, the use of shelves is a very good idea because dishes will be easily available during preparation and serving of food. However, cabinets with doors are very easy to maintain.